Axolight's new brand identity!

2017 is a very important year for Axolight not just because the company celebrates its 20 year anniversary, but also because it saw a deep restyling of its image, starting from the logo. Every marketing tool of the company speaks a visual language that impresses the memory and anyone who enters Axolight's world can recognize it without even reading the brand name. 

The new brand identity introduced in 2017 is the tangible proof of the company’s evolution that will allow Axolight to face the challenges of the future’s consumers, ever more demanding and prepared.  The new image is created by Teikna Design, specialised graphic design and branding studio with offices in Milan, founded and directed by Claudia Neri. Teikna Design was asked to radically revamp the image that would reflect the profound change that the company is going through. The whole communication is based on primary geometries derived from the shape of the letters A, X and O that morph to the point of becoming abstract. The claim that identifies and distinguishes the new image is Bespoke Design that, as Claudia Neri reveals, “in Axolights case is a key factor in which the business skills and the approach to the project allow you not only to adapt the products to the markets needs, but also to manage to interpret the look so that it is tailor-made and so, bespoke.

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