Just Fab Headquarters / El Segundo, California

Our Bell Lamps are used in this project to give a touch of color to the space and make it more welcoming!

Just Fab is a leading fashion e-commerce company. The website offers an engaging and personilized shopping experience to millions of members worldwide. Just Fab team needed a space reflecting the company's start-up culture and the community sense. New interior design represents this innovative and buoyant energy, also thanks to the colorful Bell lamps. 

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Project by: Ehrlich Architects

Interior Design Studio Moshiri Associates Inc

Photos by: Terrance Williams

New City Hall in Krimpen aan den Ijssel / The Netherlands

Our Bell lamps used in this project offer lightness to the interiors of the new city hall in Krimpen aan den Ijssel , The Netherlands.

The ceiling green Bell lamps make the common space more funny and colourful, the white suspensions lighten the atmosphere of the conference room. The new building, born on the bases of the previous one, is completely sustainable.  The design is flexible. Some furniture pieces were designed by Fokkema & Partners. 

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Project by: Fokkema & Partners www.fokkema-partners.nl

Photos by: Horizon Photoworks www.horizonphotoworks.nl


Le Rondinelle Shopping Mall / Brescia, Italy

Our Bell suspensions support perfectly the natural light that enters  through the many skylights of the Le Rondinelle shopping centre. The lamps, installed during a recent renovation, contribute to create a young and dynamic place.

Le Rondinelle shopping centre in Roncadelle, near  Brescia, opened in 1996. For its tenth anniversary, the mall, that belongs to Klepierre property, decided to renew its look. The galleries benefit from the wonderful natural sunlight, intensified by the white suspensions. The yellow Bell enlighten the food court.

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Project and photos by: Design International 

Gagarinsky Shopping Mall / Moscow, Russia

Gagarinsky Shopping Mall is a new generation shopping center, because it connects the commercial area with a part devolved to the entertainment. Entertainment proposal means both events and a Food Court that is made amazing by our Stilla suspensions.

Also the children could enjoy here in the shopping center: our colourful Muse suspensions lighten the baby parking area.

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Gagarinsky Shopping Mall 

Project by: DJ Furniture

Le saisons de Meaux Shopping Mall / Meaux, France

Situated just outside the town of Meaux, the shopping centre fits with the colorful fields of geometrically apportioned agricultural land, the winding meanders of the Ourcq Canal and the buildings of various shapes and sizes to create a fragmented and diversified landscape.

The fragmentary style of the building is called to mind by our Layers suspensions, the info point of the shopping mall is furnished by wall Muse lamps different each other in size and colour.

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Deloitte Headquarters at the Edge building / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Behind the glass walls of the Edge building we can enjoy the view of the Bell suspensions standing out in the wide spaces of this modern and innovative construction, that has already became a symbol of the city of Amsterdam...


Project by: PLP Architecture

Interior Designer: Fokkema & Partners Studio

Lighting Project by: ETK Lighting 

Photos by: Lida Chaulet and Ronald Tilleman

Realization: OVG Real Estate                                            


Blueprint coworking space / Hong Kong, China

Our white Bell suspensions succeed in the purpose of being an essential part in this young and innovative place.

Blueprint is a co-working space project. The business area regards the new technologies, and a part of the offices is addressed to an accelerator space for innovative start-ups. To support the development of this business the key planning principals were flexibility, transparency and creating privacy without building walls.

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Project by: Marcus Foley and PDM International 

Eurocommercial / Taverny, Francia

Eurocommercial shopping center in Taverny has been recently renovated. The offer of a wide range of colours of Plumage collection has been decisive in the choice of these suspensions, which suit Eurocommercial style perfectly.

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Project & Photography by: Marketing d’Eurocommercial

Leo Burnett / Moscow, Russia

Geometric compositions, free and artistic interpretations of contemporary design. Framework ceiling lamps have been chosen to brighten the new offices of the communication agency Leo Burnett in Moscow designed by Nefa Architects.

Architects: Nefa Architects (chief architect: Dmitry Ovcharov; authors team: Dmitry Ovharov, Maria Yasko; architects: Victor Kolupaev; Olga Ivleva)

Lighting Engineers: Spector LAB, Mosca, Russia (chief engineer: Sergey Kurepin)

Project Management: Daria Turkina, Maria Boyko

Management Company: Cushman & Wakefield

General Contractor: Atitoka

Area: 8800.0 sqm

Year: 2014

Photos by: Alexey Knyazev

Bijouterie Ramseyer / Roanne, France

Ramseyer Jewellery is opened in Roanne, an adorable city situated in the Loira region. The location is refined and the main colours are brown, white of the walls and stairs and the black of the display cases.

This shop needed a touch of passion, given by the double Aura suspension.  The sinuous hand twisted glass of Aura lamps calls to mind the shapes of the counter and the table inside the showroom.

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Project by: OD Concept, Virgile Wandoren 

Project concept: BLR 

TBC Bank / Tbilisi, Georgia

Our brown Clavius lamps, in table and floor version, were used to lighten the Headquarter offices of TBC Bank in Tbilisi, Georgia. The simple lines and the refined finishing of the lamps are absolutely according to the office’s furniture.

TBC Bank is one of the leading company in Georgia.

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Project by: Archidea 

Photos by: Irakli Katsadze 

Facconable Offices and Showroom / Panama

The well-known fashion brand Facconable opened in Panama a multi-functional space. Inside it there are the offices and the showroom indeed. For the area reserved to the meetings the furniture is essential, warm like the white great Skin suspensions. The commercial area, with colourful clothing, is completed by the suspensions Nafir, white and gold finishing.

The company, born in 1950 as an artisan tailor’s shop, developed in an exponential way also thanks to the collaboration with Loro Piana. In 1993 they opened their greater showroom in the Fifth Avenue, New York.

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Lighting design: Illuminations Design Panama 

Architect Studio: bt Arquitectos 

BDO Offices / Panama

In the reception area are installed five Nafir suspensions, white exterior finishing and gold interior finishing, to underline the excellence of the company.

BDO is one of the five major international networks of audit and financial consultancy. The company was founded in 1963 from the merger of the founding societies located in United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and United States. Actually it has branches in 154 countries in the world, among these the Panama offices are lighted up by wonderful Nafir lamps, designed for Axo Light by Karim Rashid.

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Lighting design: Illuminations Design Panama 

Architect Studio: bt Arquitectos 

Re Torvet Shopping Mall / Revetal, Norway

During the restyling of this shopping mall in Revetal, Norway, the lighting design was entrusted to Lightmakers. The company tried to use the existing ceiling structure, our Shatter lamps represented the ideal solution to this aim. They are very adaptable, and the lamp composition could be customized in unlimited ways. 

The customization went beyond and for the first time Shatter ceiling lamps were built-in LED light source, following the client request.  The Environmental Program sustainability standards were respected with the whole architects’ satisfaction.

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Property: Revetal Invest AS 

Architect: AMB Arkitekter AS 

Lighting Design: Tarje Skjefstad/Lightmakers AS 

Photos by: Audun Morgestad

Installation: Alt Installasjon AS 

Astor Hellas Headquarter / Thessaloniki, Greece

Our Nafir suspensions are here used to make the offices more comfortable and particular.

Astor Hellas, a leading wholesale international trading company in the Greek market, approached Malvi studio to design their new headquarters in Thessaloniki, an office space that would gather all of their functions in an open environment which would reflect both their values and their brand position.

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Project by: Malvi – Design & Communication Agency

Photos by: Giorgio Papadopoulos 

Eneco Headquarter /Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Eneco Headquarter is the perfect example of how clever and efficient office design can offer employees the possibility to work flexibly in a dynamic, open, sustainable and healthy environment. The entire experience is enhanced by Bell ceiling lights which bring out the rich hues and textures of the space. 

Find out Bell Ceiling Lamps.

Progetto di: Hofman Dujardin Architects     

Interior Designer: Fokkema & Partners Studio 

Lighting Design: Studio Rublek

Foto di: Matthijs van Roon

Internationale Automobil Ausstellung(IAA) / Frankfurt, Germany

At the Internationale Automobil Ausstellung in Frankfurt on the last September, lighting design provider TLD Planungsgruppe  GmbH aimed to accentuate the high quality presentations of their client, the Daimler AG. At the Mercedes-Benz exhibition´s cafeteria, TLD defined a comfortable, soft lighting situation with Axo Light´s Skin Suspended model. Varying several dimensions and delicate colouring of Axo Light´s Skin hanging lamps, TLD worked out a deliberate free arrangement that implemented Axo Light´s indirect lighting components, to frame a distinctive spatial experience. The Axo Light´s noble material impression matched the valuable interior (Architecture: Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Communication Design: Atelier Markgraph).

Find out Skin Pendant Lamps.

Customer: Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz, IAA 2013, Abt. BC/BP

Project by: TLD PLANUNGSGRUPPE GMBH, WENDLINGEN, www.tldplan.com

Photos by: www.keller-fotografie.de

Design Group Latinamerica / Venezuela

Design Group Latinamerica is a Design and Interior Architectural office based n Maracaibo, Venezuela. For the main meeting room the idea was to create an elegant, but at the same time a funny and edgy setting. This is why the designers have chosen Bell ceiling lamp: the hint of blue color and the big dimension of the lamp gave them what they are looking for. Click here to contact our customer service.

Project and photo by Design Group Latinamerica

Fliesen Smith / Germany

Fliesen Smith, a German tile shop, has chosen Plumage suspensions to illuminate the store. Click here to contact our customer service.

Project by Harders Lichtideen Gmbh & Co.

Photo by Harders Lichtideen Gmbh & Co.

Box Headquarters & Box San Francisco / USA

Box, which creates cloud-based storage for Fortune 1000 companies, was outgrowing its spaces in Palo Alto and San Francisco. The challenge of this design was to stay true to the Box brand culture, fun and energetic, while keeping in mind other areas of the building would be executive spaces. This design has allowed the creation of an environment that feels more like home rather than a corporate office. This is why the Architect has chosen Muse suspensions to brighten this office.

Architect: Fennie+Mehl Architects www.fm-arch.com

Photographer: Chad Ziemendorf

Hossley Lighting Associates / Dallas, USA

The overlapping shapes and light layers of fabric of Plumage suspension create interesting and dynamic shadows. Contact us for more info.

Jll - Jones Lang LaSalle - office / Dublin, Ireland

The shining fragments of Shatter are able to illuminate and decorate very large surroundings such as the public areas of hotels, halls, restaurants, etc., but become elements of elegant architectural plasticity also in private spaces where it is possible to use various combinations to obtain a result which has a strong and effective scenic impact. This is why JJL company has chosen Shatter suspensions to illuminate Dublin office. The geometric irregularity of the 3 dimensions allows the creation of brilliant and original compositional invention. Shatter LED version will be available soon. Click here to ask more info.

Project by: DLIGHT Lighting Designers 

CAMLS / Florida, USA

Axo Light lighting fixtures aided in the creation of the perfect ambience for  this center for education, research and innovation. Bell and Obi pendant and ceiling lamps contribute to providing a “hotel lobby feel”, both comfortable and inviting, in the numerous causal spaces throughout the building.

Find out more about Bell ceiling lamps or Obi pendant lamps

Photos by Eric Kreher and Rob Harris Productions Inc./Beck Architecture LLC

Project by Beck Architecture LLC

La Prairie Global Office / New York City, USA

Designed as the centerpiece of La Prairie's Global headquarters, the offices were designed to house large hosted events, product launches, and smaller individual workshops. Signature furniture items and lighting were used to reflect the luxuriousness of the brand. The reason why Nelly straight has been selected is the soft quality of the light filtering through the veiled fabric fixture set the tone of the foyer.

Find out Nelly ceiling lamps.

Designed by: Carl D'Aquino & Francine Monaco of D'Aquino Monaco Inc. www.daquinomonaco.com

100% Capri / Miami, Usa

Customized Clavius ceiling lamps light up the 100% Capri store in Miami. Clavius is a designer collection of lamps characterized by a shade worked by hand with thin silken threads and with a design suitable for traditional and sophisticated spaces. In 100% Capri, Clavius ceiling lights could not adapt better to the design of the store, with their warm and suffused light, improving the welcoming and stylish spaces. This project is an example of how Axo Light responds to the needs of its clients providing custom products made after the indications of an efficient technical department.

Find out Clavius Ceiling lamps.

Location: Miami, Usa

Project by: Paolo Giachi


Christ Juweliere / Kadewe - Berlin, Germany

In the “Christ Juweliere” in Berlin the waterfall of light emitted by a custom Aura, intensifies the magnificence of the beautiful jewels displayed. Aura ceiling lights are particularly suitable to customization, and in such a valuable and precious space, the gorgeous Axo Light lamp has never been more appropriate. Aura is an essential furnishing to create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere. 

Find out Aura Ceiling Lamps.

Project by: D&L Lichtplanung, Ulrich Wallmeier 
and Köster gmbh & Co Kg

Photos by: Stefan Dauth

Banca di Cred Coop Santo Stefano / Venice, Italy

In the Conference Room of the Santo Stefano Cooperative Credit Bank in Venice, the custom Aura ceiling light mirrors the shape of the table located in the middle of the space. The hand-made twisted glass of Aura draws the ceiling of the room with light, making it visible from the outside. This is another success for Axo Light, which with a made to order lamp fulfills the needs of the bank and its employees.     

Find out Aura Ceiling Lights.

Project by: Arch. Gianni Rigo 

Tomy Niki / Guangdong, China

Some of the new mind-led collections, specialized in LED design, have been harmoniously used in one of the Tomy Niki chain shops in China. This company with over 300 employees is specialized in design furniture and satisfies the needs of over 200.000 families per year.

Project by: Tomy Niki

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