Lebay Beach Hotel / Larnaca, Cyprus

Welcome to a Mediterranean retreat where the fusion of low-key style and laid-back vibes creates a beachfront destination that is high on comfort tinted with summer magic. Welcome to Lebay Beach Hotel, positioned virtually on the water’s edge of a unique twin bay in Larnaca on the south-eastern coast of Cyprus.

This contemporary escape appeals to today’s travelers who appreciate understated luxury woven into minimalist design. The hotel’s low-rise modern architecture with a boutique personality is flanked by a long-stretched sandy beach, where clean, calm waters are touched by a fresh balmy breeze.

More than 20 Alysoid suspended lamps, thanks to their weightless soul, underline the lightness atmosphere that permeates the restaurant’s interior design.

Lebay Beach Hotel 

Project by: Mr. George Larkou – De Grussa Larkou Architects 

Photos by: DEC & Eleni Polydorou Agency 

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