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The stylistic continuity of the spaces: from in to out

Indoor ↔ Outdoor: an understanding without stylistic interruptions. The current architectural trends for the outdoor segment will completely break down those few stylistic boundaries that still divide inside and outside. Two environments increasingly in perfect aesthetic and visual harmony. The design of interiors and exteriors is now part of a single fluid process in which the care of the outdoor space, just like the indoor one, must manifest a defined style, its own identity. Until yesterday, as part of an architectural, lighting and furnishing project, each space was designed with a different approach in terms of style and cost. Today, the focus is increasingly on giving visual and qualitative continuity to the entire perimeter, including the outdoors! The outdoor spaces aspire to become utterly similar to the interiors: this is the new trend. Axolight - with the introduction of Salina (suspension lamps) and with the technical evolution of the best sellers, such as Spillray (glass ceiling and suspension lamps) and Lik (aluminum wall lamps) - sets itself a clear objective: to overcome the idea of “what is inside” and “what is outside” and to transfer its approach to light and style to the outside as well.
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