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cloudy, alysoid, manto - private house

The project of this private house of 329 sqm was entirely inspired by Japanese “Zen” philosophy.

Each space has been designed to convey a sense of great calm and tranquility, seeking a simple, modern and airy environment.


Vlady Design studio made a really interesting choice, in recreating a small Zen garden at the beginning of the stairwell. An idea that has found its completeness with a magnificent composition of Alysoid suspensions illuminating and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Next to it, we find ourselves in the living room surrounded by warm and light colors, with some objects in particular with a stone finish. Three Cloudy suspensions harmoniously  illuminate this area of ​​full relaxation, creating balance and distinct elegance.


To illuminate the kitchen peninsula, the choice fell insted on the Manto pendant lamp, in two different sizes, 120cm and 70cm, perfectly furnishing the environment and making it above all functional. Thanks to the dimmable LED and the different adjustable height, any lighting effect will be achievable.



Architect: Vlady Design