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cut - private residence

This house, renovated by Anna Levytska, has an intriguing mix of minimalism, eco-style and American classic elements that, together with the contemporary lighting fixtures, create a dramatic contrast. To create this mix, Anna was inspired by the pre-existing architecture of the house, in particular by the original wooden roof beams. The light effects made on them by the sunlight have been the starting point for the definition of the lighting solutions for the entire house. Anna said “as art and as a source of human physical and psychological balance, light became the focal point of the project.”


The interior design aimed to support different lighting scenarios, changing in accordance to solar and human biological rhythms. The light was used to reveal materials and textures. Our adjustable floor lamp Cut, by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, has been chosen to illuminate the living room. The light effects created by its peculiar structure fit perfectly into the lighting concept of Anna. Cut is the result of the combination of creativity, technical knowledge and passion. Characteristics that Axolight brings in every lighting project, honoring the excellence of made in Italy.


Project by: Anna Levytska