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liaison - folie restaurant

There’s nothing shy about Folie, a new French dining spot from restaurateur Guillaume Depoix. Outside, the assertive, graphic logo shines out across Soho’s Golden Square – like all of the restaurant’s typography, created by Yorgo Tloupas, art director of Vanity Fair France.
Inside, another ample collection of rectangles and squares piece together in a brightly coloured terrazzo floor, while bulbous navy chairs, mirrored tables and a luminous golden bar echo the general air of Gallic confidence.


Designed by Parisian agency Studio KO – noted for its work on Chiltern Firehouse and Yves Saint Laurent Museum – Folie feeds from the past. Its interiors are intended to evoke the polished glamour of the 1960s and 70s and subtle period references run throughout, from the swollen brown banquettes to the bespoke lamps. The colour palette is an ode to the ‘strong light and warmth’ of the Riviera.


With its minimalist design and eternal elegance Liaison designed by Sara Moroni is the perfect compliment for this modernist interior


FOLIE London Studio KO 2019
Photos: ©Yann Deret-2521