shatter - headquarter celesio ag / stoccarda, germania

Celesio AG in Stuttgart as one of the three leading pharmaceutical wholesales in Europe moved in May 2017 into „Europe Plaza“ with about 10.500 square meters. In the new location, the company wanted to bring all employees of the five previous sites together. The office is the new home of 500 employees and 50 externals.

The main goal of the move was to introduce a modern world of work – the workplace concept with the motto “Smart Work@Europe Plaza” is a transparent and modern open space with improved communication, creativity and collaboration spaces. The design concept named „nordic classics“ created a fresh and friendly working environment using natural materials as wood in combination with bright furnishing to generate a gentle atmosphere. The shape language refers to the straight structure of the façade and the building layout. Especially the sharp angles and strong lines that take  place in furnishing and accessories, could be find in the lighting products: 46  Shatter pendant lamps with an irregular shape, in three different versions.


Committente: Celesio AG

Progetto e foto a cura di: Dr. Wagner & Partner

Foto a cura di: BENE