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hoops - private residence

This is the photo of a living room in the townhouse in Moscow. The style of the project is contemporary. It was published in ELITE INTERIOR journal April/May 2019.
The starting point for the project was an abstract picture of a Spanish artist Jose Barbera made in a topical coral palette. It also became the center of the composition. In the photo you can see the dining room.


The colour spectrum of the walls and furniture is active enough, but it’s supposed to be a great accompaniment to the picture. And when it was necessary to to choose the light, we had to consider several points:


1. Good lighting of a dining room.
2. Lightweight construction, which doesn’t complicate the interior
3. A nice interesting modern form


Only a chandelier by Axolight, Hoops, satisfied all these conditions. “When I first saw it in interior salon №1 MBTM company, I immediately understood that it would have been the perfect option. Its smooth curves charm with the play of light and a game of shadows and perfectly harmonize with a brass insert in a picture frame, chair bases and a curtain rod. It doesn’t grab the pictures attention and is also seen as a full-fledged art-object.” said Olga Lapshova.


Interior designer: Olga Lapshova
Stylist: Olga Lapshova
Photo: Gevorg Arutyunyan