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hoops - private apartment

In these photos, we can see the living room designed by Olga Lapshova for an apartment near Moscow. Before the renovation, this 50 sqm three-room apartment was narrow and dark. For this reason, the starting point was easy to find for Olga Lapshova: she needed to give back light to all the rooms.

The redesign of the areas became the first objective, trying to restore as much space as possible. In this regard, the living room and the kitchen, previously separated, have been reunited, creating one single space wider and brighter. A partition glass door was foreseen anyway, just in case of necessity.

In order to visually expand the limited spaces, Olga wisely used uniform colours and pastel shades, in addition to mirrors that are present in every room. This for the designer was a very difficult step because she had to convince her client to “not be afraid of using colours”.

In this living room, we can admire a clever selection of furniture combining a vintage style with modernity. A sophisticated furnishing that unites many important brands in the design sector and made in Italy – as Axolight -. The choice of the lamp to illuminate this room was clearly a pivotal point. A lamp with modern lines and light volumes, a design object capable to create lighting effects in harmony with the ambience.

The choice fell on our ceiling lamp Hoops, in which the lines dance around a bright nucleus. A creation of Giovanni Barbato for Axolight available in gold and white. The black version is perfect for this living room, recalling the black table in the kitchen, a detail that helps to create a unique space.


Project by: Olga Lapshova