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virtus - lao concept store

A materials’ balance that tells us about a genuine and wise Sicily. Rain of light that clouds the precious production of this humanity portion, simple and rich at the same time… as the architecture around it!


The materials that define the volumes have been chosen simply discovering and understanding the deep soul of Marzamemi, walking among its stone houses, observing the red rust on the anchors, on the chains of the boats, on the locks and gates, admiring the white of waves’ lather and the crystalline shine of its sky. It took only a few hours to try the need to bring these colors and these “tactile” sensations inside the store, almost to connect to the spirit of the context, almost to evoke its presence.


The light was the glue of all this: as in a harmony, the light, given by more than 80 Virtus pendant lamps, falls in the form of a rain of notes on the central cubic cases, with a decisive rhythm marking the passage to the niches in the background, it rushes into a heartbreaking solo inside and outside the large central aquarium, highlights the luminous gorges as violin incursions … Light is the invisible structure of this architecture, indispensable also for the redevelopment and enhancement of the external façade, in which the two panels appear alongside the two entrances.


LAO Concept Store

Project by: DFG Architetti

Lighting design by: CML

Photos by: Marcello Bocchieri