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piter loft

Max Zhukov and Victor Stefan from To Taste design studio signed the second project for their clients, a couple of travellers who take home many objects from their travels. They asked the designers to integrate these pieces into the project. Two or three years ago the idea of buying a loft was born, inspired by their recent trip to New York.


The apartment is located in a historic area of the city, it initially appeared as a completely anonymous space, but after the complete makeover was transformed into a bright space thanks to many windows, with a total area of 170 square meters and a ceiling-high 3,5 m. Customers currently live in Moscow, but often come to St. Petersburg and the house is the meeting place for their many friends and relatives, becoming almost a “guest house”.


The loft is inspired by the historical buildings of the city, the lamps installed in the living room are thought to remember the dome of St. Isaac. Above the dining table, there is a 7-lights Fedora pendant lamp, in bronze finish, the typical shape of the Matryoshka is underlined by the structure of the two hanging armchairs.


Project by: Max Zhukov and Victor Shtefan,

Photos by: Sergey Krasyuk