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spillray, skirt - residence sala de cora

In this project the architects pay homage to the work and life of the poet from Goiás, Cora Coralina.  The idea is to translate into the environment the personality of a strong, simple, but vain woman and ahead of her time.  The environment  is enriched by the monumental presence of the Skirt lamps and Spillray chandelier which combine classic and contemporary style.


Project: CasaCor Goiás 2017 – Sala de Cora  @casacorgoias and @casacor_oficial

Architects: Sá|Spessatto – Andréia Spessatto and Náira Sá @saspessattoarquitetura

Photos:Marcus Camargo  @olharmarcuscamargo

Products: Spillray + Skirt