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orchid - apartment hazel

Hazel is a flat that has combined laconism, simplicity and comfort. When you find yourself in this apartment, you feel free at once: free from gadgets and everyday fuss. Since, creating Hazel, the designers used only natural materials. The range of colours, the combination of grey and brown tints creates the atmosphere of calmness. These colours set off the furniture and interior details favourably.

The living room in Hazel is a special place where you want to spend time with family and friends. At the same time this room serves as a kitchen and family rest zone, there is also a dining table for guests here. This is the biggest part of the flat, full of light and plants – an ideal place for relaxing after a working day. Four Orchid floor lamps underline the natural theme, recalling the shape of Orchid flower. The collection is also used in the pendant 4-lights version over the kitchen island. The lamp, available in white and sand on catalogue, is proposed in black finish.

The living room and the bedroom are separated with a glass screen which does not limit the space and makes the apartment spacious. A special detail of the flat is its ceiling which immediately attracts your attention. Wooden elements are favorably set off by the white colour of the walls.

Hazel is filled with harmony and quietness. Although it is located in a megalopolis, entering this apartment you may feel somewhere far away from the big city. Nothing distracts you, there is nothing unnecessary here.

Easy colour gamut, natural materials and a lot of light – this is Hazel.



Project by: Marra Group

Architect: Anton Siriak