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aura - attic amber rain

A sunny, spacious penthouse with an area of 420 square meters with a rooftop terrace and breath-taking panoramic view of the city, a spectacular space with a central double-light volume and facade glazing required a bold approach in the design. “Respectable, elegant furnishings with the art deco elements, redefining time and space yet still in line with the latest tendencies”, that´s how designers Alena Myshkina and Daria Lukovnikova present their creative decision for the project.

They paid special attention to the lighting, creating a multi-level composition using various sources of light. Table lamps, sconces, built-in and pendant lamps, hidden lighting emphasize the depth and volume of space, allowing to create a variety of light scenes and change the mood, and also serve as decorative accents. The Axolight Aura pendants crown the composition, flowing like an amber rain into the living room from a height of six meters and covering the entire penthouse with the golden shine. They also gave the name to the project: “Amber rain”.


Project by: Alena Myshkina, Daria Lukovnikova (D&A Interiors)

Photos by: Natalia Korotkova