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hoops, fedora - project denizistanbul

Denizistanbul is a coastal town near Istanbul where Kelesoglu Construction and Specimob Furniture has worked to the realization of many important residential projects.

In one of them, Specimob has decided to use two of the most iconic among the pendant lamps of Axolight, Hoops and Fedora.



In this house, the bedroom is characterized by a classic style with neutral tonalities. There is only a touch of red given by the cushions and the brilliant gold of some of the finishes. Our ceiling lamp Hoops, with its sinuous lines and its golden texture, brings a touch of contemporaneity to the interior design.



Instead, Fedora has been chosen to illuminate the helicoidal staircase leading to the floors. A staircase made of natural wood, rather than the marble used for the landings, in order to give a warmer atmosphere to the house. A combination of lamps Fedora, descending from the ceiling, recalls some raindrops that suddenly stop in the air. An elegant choice that valorizes one of the most important areas of the house.


Project by: Specimob Furniture