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alysoid, aura, skin, clavius, nafir - la reserve residence

Axolight took care of the lighting design of this wonderful Villa with a swimming pool, located in the South of France. Skin ceiling lamps in light blue finishing and Clavius ceiling lamps with tobacco hand-made silken thread lampshades are installed in the hallways. In the bedroom, the classic abat-jours give way to two white Obi pendant lamps covered in soft, vertical silky ribbons.


Two Nafir pendant lamps with three lights are the queens of the kitchen, in the living area Alysoid pendant lamps are installed, Alysoid is one of the new products presented by Axolight during Euroluce 2017. These pendant lamps, impressive but at the meantime apparently weightless, characterize in a sophisticated way the living room and the dining room of this house.


Axolight was asked to design a custom-made lamp to light up the staircase. The right choice for this aim was to use an Aura pendant lamp with double lampshades in Murano glass and with not two but three elements. Axolight, as in other occasions, was able to find the best solution to satisfy the client needs, creating a bespoke product with a strong effect.


Project by: SAS Baccarat  – Ehrmann

Photos by: Beppe Raso