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liaison – pine tree villa

The guiding stylistic principles used by GAO architects for the Pine Tree Villa project include using sophisticated design tools to achieve a balanced interplay of the classical and modern styles, while the placement of the volumes follows the existing architecture of the building, to upgrade it into a coherent overall look.


The entrance is enclosed within a classical portal, indicating the common thread of the interior – the interplay of classical and modern stylistic principles. The monumentality of the entrance continues with a classical parquet flooring, while the open-plan scene reveals a two-storey living area embellished by the elegant and sculptural presence of the Liaison pendant lamps designed by Sara Moroni. Liaison in another variation and composition also illuminates gracefully the kitchen table.


The black marble flooring continues to follow the interplay of contrasts, and counterbalances the white marble staircase, which is surrounded by a modern metal fence, underlining the predominant circular images and shapes. The black marble flooring is vertically reflected by the Liaison pendant lamp in its two-level version, while the elegant tones are reflected by the anthracite mirror. The lightweight curtains allow the sunlight to softly shine through, softening the overall look of the two-storey area.


The final appearance of the interior is an elaborate mix of stylistic principles, materials, lighting elements, and lines that create a sophisticated and homely interior.


Project by: GAO Architects

Lighting design: A2HKR

Photographer: Miran Kambič