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polia, spillray - private house

This house in Krakow – Poland – was designed by Jarosław Ormezowski of Studio Domo. A house with a wide square footage of approximately 400 sqm in which classic and contemporary come together harmoniously.

Natural materials are the protagonists of this project. Marble is used diffusely in the house, from the living room to the bathrooms, giving a luxurious and elegant touch to every room. In the living room, the veins of the marble tie with the dark woodgrain, exalting the overall interior design.


In the entrance corridor the wall lamp Polia with its discreet light suggests the path to the living room to all the guests.

However, this is not the only lamp of Axolight illuminating the house. In fact, in the kitchen, the pendant lamp Spillray in its 12 lights version and bronze finish illuminates the counter, bringing a sophisticated sense of elegance to the space.


Project by: Jarosław Ormezowski