spillray - madame wong restaurant / chisinau, moldova

Madame Wong is a restaurant of Modern Pan-Asian cuisine, which is divided into two zones: a high-level restaurant and bar, exclusive serving drinks, secluded VIP area, a playground for musicians and DJ’s; and a cozy cafe with a sushi counter in the hall, where you can watch the work openly Sushi master.

Asia conceals many hidden secrets for European man, and the spirit of the sacraments is in the muted atmosphere of the restaurant.

The main decision was to fundamentally divide restaurant and cafe spaces not in the «zonal» sense, but in general perception. So the architects worked with special lighting scenography approach: lamps made of pure copper, made in a factory and assembled by hand; Murano glass like the red accent given by our Spillray suspended lamps, fills warm fiery light; and the light in the floor gives even more scenic shadows. Thus, designers point the visitor’s attention to the important details of the interior: the texture of concrete and black velvet, rough plaster and detailed drawings, old bricks and sheets of pink copper, dust on sculptures and classic velvet sofas, wood on the wall and floor with different structures of fibers.

The concept of the restaurant – is a mystery hidden in the details.


Project by: Anna Wigandt and AWGDT Design

Photos by: Roman Rybalev, Oleg Bajura